Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obsession Revisited

Now you’re quiescent,
Each time threatening to rearm later
Maliciously you blackmail me
Promising to become greater
It’s a slow poison; killing me ever so slow
Yet without you, I think I’m incomplete.
You are unwanted, but it’s you that I need.
You have grown, now you grow more and flow
In my soul you have made your abode
Don’t let me live in peace, or even without.
You are the vampire, who thirsts for my soul
You are the venom, which spreads in my whole.
You make me writhe, you tease and taunt
Insolence: your word – by which you swear
You stir up a storm inside me
Your power is of no measure
You raise your hood and thunder –
That is your quintessence of pleasure.
You hurt no end,
Never realise what you do
Never care, never bother…

Sink me to the bottom
Of that deep dark ocean
Plunge me to the depths
Of the darkness unseen
Raise me to the stars
Beyond those ever created
Above those empty spaces
Never reached, nor explored.
Down at the bottom, you give me not a breath to breathe
Far up above, you blind me with the height.
Into the deafening silence, never heard before
Into the shattering cacophony, that surrounds all o’er
You take me and tear me
To a million pieces
And again it’s you, who mends me back
To the whole I am.

Not a teardrop to shed,
Not a smile to pass,
Not a feeling of emotion – sweet or sour
You bar me from everything
You bar me from all
Into another world, I find myself fall…
Falling I am, fallen all over
Into another world, now I’m transmitted
I wake from my death
For you've revisited.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The heart doesn’t heed
O what a creed
It’s there within
Yes! It lies therein
It’s raging in my core
Keeps saying – once more
I’m trying to quieten it down
It overpowers me sore
The flames are dazzling
O the urge is sizzling
Can’t help it now that I’m sinking in it.
It’s all spinning and twirling
Right down to my soul.
Stable I’m not, just shaken all over
Still it’s just crying for another encore
Trying to fidget, I’m trying to forget
It’s already taken root
Now I can’t fell it down
O it’s curling on my arms
It’s stretching on me all over

Uh! It’s constricting me
Oh! Now pulling apart
From where did you come,
O from where, which breed?
These flames I’m trying to douse
Now they’re creeping to my eyes
They’ve grown heavy and sunken
I can’t see for miles.
The red river is rushing
Its streams are gushing
They’re flowing above gravity
To my head, in insanity
I’m about to fall,
Save me before the end
The blue death is lurking
Trying to plunge into the white road.
Tell me why you came,
Your objective and your aim
Why you hinder me and hold
Don’t allow me to behold
That’s what, exactly why –
The heart doesn’t heed
Why it’s a creed
Because it’s my absolute need
That’s what I’m pursuing –
My aim, my mission
And that’s how it feels

To be struck by obsession.

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