Saturday, October 1, 2011

Describing a tree to a blind man (using the 5 senses)

It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see
But today I wish to know a tree.
I walked barefoot,
As he led me by my hand
To nature’s lap,
Which he called magic land.
A sudden roughness I felt, as I touched,
Jagged edges that seemed quite much.
“The bark”, he said, was the name,
“The colour of your eyes looks much the same.”
Alarmed I was, to hear a sudden “knock-knock”,
The woodpecker, he said, was building a home in the block.
Made to reach out and feel something round,
Mango – the fruit was what I found.
The smell was different, when I put it to my nose
Not like burnt paper; neither the fragrance of a rose.
He asked me to bite, and it was then,
A juicy nectar transported me to heaven…
So today it was the mango-tree
That he helped me to feel, to taste, touch and see.


  1. Really good Charishma.I seem to remember this. why didn't you tell me you had posted it in your blog?

  2. Hi Ma'am! Thank you for reading my posts and commenting. I appreciate feedback greatly :)
    This was an assignment you had given in class, and I managed to post it here much you can see from the date. So it was only after I had finished posting all my old articles and poems did I tell everyone about my blog :)


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