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To The Only One That Was

It has been the finest era You helped create, brick by brick. You converted a mere game Into the lifeblood that made every Indian tick. Sixteen years is all you chose to give us, Leaving us asking for more… Not another man has the game produced, That we could so much adore. You’re not gone, you never will be You’ll continue to live in the memories of all, Thank you for the sheer delight, thank you, ‘the Wall’.

After Hearing ‘God’s Channel’

I was asked by some one very close to me to close my eyes and listen to this song. The following was what I felt:

When the song began, I could see a vast open area as if on the top of a hill. It had tall grasses that came up till my chest. The time was sunset, so all around it was bathed in orange colour. There was a strong breeze in which the grass was swaying. The point of view was mine, and I saw another girl, a young child a little away from me. She was wearing a plain white sleeve-less knee-length frock. She had open hair till her shoulders which was also blowing in the wind. She was fair and had a big wide smile, and her mouth was open in happiness. She was ahead of me, wading through the tall grasses, parting them and making way for herself with her hands. She would pause from time to time and look at me.
The scene then shifted to a beach scene. The same girl and I are in water that's till our chest. The waters are very calm and ther…