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Ee.Ma.Yau Unravels The Stark Realities Surrounding Death

Death is an experience that is fathomable only to those who experience it in close quarters. Films across the world have portrayed the end of life in various forms, but only very few may have actually projected what happens in the moments after it.
For those who have not seen death closely, Ee.Ma.Yau is an eye opener. It lays bare the naked realities of those who are left to deal with its aftermath. The film breaks down the immediate moments after demise in the most unabashed and bold manner. After the sudden passing away of Vavachan, the story revolves around his family –wife (Pennamma), daughter (Agnes aka Nisa), son (Eeshi), daughter-in-law (Elisabeth aka Sabeth) and the several other characters of a little fishing village where it is set.
Director Lijo Jose Pellissery strips the veil of solemnity that is associated with death and uncovers the hypocrisy and unguarded realities of people when confronted with another’s death through the medium of black comedy. He dares to make the …