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Obsession Revisited

Now you’re quiescent, Each time threatening to rearm later Maliciously you blackmail me Promising to become greater It’s a slow poison; killing me ever so slow Yet without you, I think I’m incomplete. You are unwanted, but it’s you that I need. You have grown, now you grow more and flow In my soul you have made your abode Don’t let me live in peace, or even without. You are the vampire, who thirsts for my soul You are the venom, which spreads in my whole. You make me writhe, you tease and taunt Insolence: your word – by which you swear You stir up a storm inside me Your power is of no measure You raise your hood and thunder – That is your quintessence of pleasure. You hurt no end, Never realise what you do Never care, never bother…
Sink me to the bottom Of that deep dark ocean Plunge me to the depths Of the darkness unseen Raise me to the stars Beyond those ever created Above those empty spaces Never reached, nor explored. Down at the bottom, you give me not a breath to breathe Far up above, you blind me with the …


The heart doesn’t heed O what a creed It’s there within Yes! It lies therein It’s raging in my core Keeps saying – once more I’m trying to quieten it down It overpowers me sore The flames are dazzling O the urge is sizzling Can’t help it now that I’m sinking in it. It’s all spinning and twirling Right down to my soul. Stable I’m not, just shaken all over Still it’s just crying for another encore Trying to fidget, I’m trying to forget It’s already taken root Now I can’t fell it down O it’s curling on my arms It’s stretching on me all over Uh! It’s constricting me Oh! Now pulling apart From where did you come, O from where, which breed? These flames I’m trying to douse Now they’re creeping to my eyes They’ve grown heavy and sunken I can’t see for miles. The red river is rushing Its streams are gushing They’re flowing above gravity To my head, in insanity I’m about to fall, Save me before the end The blue death is lurking Trying to plunge into the white road. Tell me why you came, Your objective and your aim Why you hinder m…

There's A Place, I know...

The dawn of the day, bathed in golden ray The heavens that were twinkling Are now fading away. They scatter like sparks Their abode lights with flames bright and mellow The zephyr takes a start, ready to blow It’s under their wings, now they wade and flow The seven-coloured bow pierces the undulating masses Compelled, they fall, the drops of elixir The dew drops on the blades now drool and splutter. The embers are dying, The blossoms are vying; The space is confined, now they’re opening wide – Where coloured wings fly, Where twittering and buzzing are not limited to the sky. The splash of colours, intermingling feathers Seamless as they seem Tranquil and serene. Spreading their freshness, Leaving a trail of effervescence.
The mauve pansies, dangling as if through mid-air, Laugh with the sunflowers, Sharing secrets like teenage girls. The old men – the leaves, in a trance, move in whirls. The capricious breeze So abstrusely blows In the balmy ambience A bairn sits and adores. The sensuous cajolery Like a dandle en…

Mango Orchard

For  you my love

A green roof is prepared for us Of foliage thick, lush and tender No walls to encage, or shut us tight Just imaginary rooms ‘tween the mango trees To set us wild, to set us free And bathe in the sweet scented breeze.
Here is our world, just you and me To bring alive what we believe Play our games, call each other names Drown in our songs and melodies In this little heaven under the mango trees.
Bite into one, ripe and round Lick the nectar trickling down Let your tongue swirl about Let your soul scream and shout Feel the golden flesh body Come partake a bite of me Come meld under the mango trees.

Distasteful Silence

Of late, Alisha had become quite busy and wasn’t getting as much time to spend with me as she used to before. Mallika and Kavya said they had joined some dance classes, and George had to rush back home every day for his basketball coaching. These are the people I hang out with in college. And now with none of them free anymore, I was getting bored to death. I was also mighty pissed with them for leaving me alone and disappearing all at the same time. That’s when I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try and make friends with others in class. They seemed to like me, but did not persist much in conversation. I was beginning to feel loneliness tightening its grip upon me day by day. That’s when, out of the blue, I bumped into Mary from school one fine day. She had been one of my closest pals, but living at two ends of the city had afforded us fewer opportunities of meeting in these past three years. Now as we saw each other unexpectedly across the opposite ends of the road, we…

Confessions of a Slothful Mind

“For me, working is the equivalent of taking a break!” I was surprised to find concurrence to this belief of mine in a friend, during a deep insightful conversation over the ruminations of creative minds. The difference being, my creative mind is burdened by an immense languour, while he is far more active generally. Freshly out of college, while the norm is to hunt for a means of livelihood if one does not belong to the blessed and fortunate category of those who have found their calling; here I was quitting my first job merely five months after having joined. Belonging to the former category I have mentioned above, unsure of my ‘career calling’, a plum paycheque was what I had prioritised. Everything else could be tolerated. Yet in five months, I realised the basic human need of job satisfaction. Having concluded with the only certainty that ‘routine’ is not my cup of tea; I decided to pack my bags. But for what next, I am yet to discover.  Routine, schedules, deadlines, punctuali…