Monday, May 2, 2011

Pieces of Faeces

The entire world’s a big damn trash
Where hopes and dreams meant to crash
When stained glass crushes into junk
Every next guy turns out a skunk
Oh friendship is crap – slurry of shit
Just let yourself wrap – in piss and spit
When every damn fucker shows his worth
You doubt yourself – your existence, your birth
Just let it all go
It’s just your pieces of shit you know
To be flushed down the pot
To be remembered not
Just be yourself, you are just you
These pieces of shit are far and few
Just let it all go – all that you don’t need
It goes out in your shit – an unwanted swallowed seed
Roses can also turn out to be rotten
There are some bitches that can’t be forgotten
Think of nice things that are cute
Not all are bad, not even a prostitute
Do not compare – you are divine
Though some shits intrude – cross the forbidden line
You cannot please everyone
Least of all a fucked up chum
Be courageous, the world is your oyster
Do not yield to fuck and boaster
No use crying over spilt milk
The world is filled with fuck and filth
Love everyone; leave out a few
You’ll get used to it, this one’s just new
Be honest and frank – despise all greases
‘Coz the world’s trash – just Pieces of Faeces. 

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