Monday, May 2, 2011

You'll Always Be In Front Of My Eyes

When I have no words to call you
When my hands don’t move to hold you
When my ears shut and I don’t hear you
Don’t worry, my heart will remain open
My soul – with your love will be soaken.

When you called me and I was busy
The next time you held me, I felt dizzy.
When I wasn’t looking, you were there
More sweet waiting, you couldn’t bear.
Angry, you turn to go
It’s this restless you that I want more.

You play hide-and-seek
You run far and wide
‘Cause of you I can’t speak
So I wait with my arms open wide
Wherever you hide, be it day or night
You’re safe in my heart, and that’s alright.

Whether it’s your smile
That hides behind the clouds
Or even your eyes that set below the skies,
I’ll always be the day that follows your night
For you’ll always be in front of my eyes.

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