Describing a tree to a blind man (using the 5 senses)

It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see
But today I wish to know a tree.
I walked barefoot,
As he led me by my hand
To nature’s lap,
Which he called magic land.
A sudden roughness I felt, as I touched,
Jagged edges that seemed quite much.
“The bark”, he said, was the name,
“The colour of your eyes looks much the same.”
Alarmed I was, to hear a sudden “knock-knock”,
The woodpecker, he said, was building a home in the block.
Made to reach out and feel something round,
Mango – the fruit was what I found.
The smell was different, when I put it to my nose
Not like burnt paper; neither the fragrance of a rose.
He asked me to bite, and it was then,
A juicy nectar transported me to heaven…
So today it was the mango-tree
That he helped me to feel, to taste, touch and see.

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