The First Shower

The feel of cool breeze over unwiped sweat
The first drop of rain that slides down the temple all the way to the neck
The tongue reaches out to lick the trail of hot chocolate
that has drooled down the corner of the lower lip
The leftover drops and mist on the window annihilates photoshop.

With strands of curls dripping down wet
She moves like the trail of the first shower
Slithering in and out of the undulating tar
The setting fire of the senses catching her glimpse from the door ajar.

The smudge of kohl around her eyes
Rivals those floating masses in the sky
The rumbling thunder is belittled by
the melody of the trinkets on her bare feet.

As the puddle fills up, so does my heart
Saturated with desire ready to burst
Ah the agony of holding back.

In wait I sit, for her to come and rain
Come and rain upon me
Till eternity.